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Food you knead

We believe success comes down to three things — outstanding food, great service and clean restaurants. It is easy to say, but it takes a strong commitment to consistently execute. Attention to detail, putting our guests’ needs first and a deep desire to be a great company help make the Wildflower a place where foodies want to be.

Our Menu

Our Story


  • Opened our first location in Scottsdale
  • Introduced Potato Cream Cheese Soup (Still going strong in 2024!)


  • Introduced our breakfast menu and Lemon Ricotta pancakes, which are still a favorite in 2024!
  • Celebrated 100 Breadheads


  • Introduced catering and our Sourdough Soup Bread Boule


  • Celebrated 200 Breadheads


  • Introduced the Bread of the Month Program


  • Introduced:
    • Free customer Wi-Fi
    • Wildflower gift cards
    • Sour Cream Pecan Coffee cake – Still a holiday staple!
  • Celebrated 400 Breadheads


  • Introduced:
    • Neighborhood Nights program
    • Seasonal Menu with our Turkey Cranberry Walnut Stuffing Sandwich – One of the most highly anticipated annual sandwiches and still going strong in 2024


  • Introduced Cupcakes


  • Opened our Central Production Facility
  • Started Dough on the Go partner program with local schools
  • Introduced Rice Krispy Treats


  • Launched our Wildflower Brand Promise
  • Introduced:
    • Chopped Salad – Still a favorite in 2024
    • Cheddar Braised Beef sandwich – One of the most highly anticipated annual sandwiches and still going strong in 2024


  • Celebrated 500 Breadheads


  • Introduced:
    • Pie of the month
    • Wildflower Purpose. Values. Safe Space.


  • Introduced the Triple Club
  • Raised $48,000 for the Wildflower Cares Foundation


  • Introduced the Wildflower Reuben
  • Celebrated 600 Breadheads


  • Introduced:
    • Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
    • Breakfast Bowls
  • Celebrated:
    • National Restaurant Neighborhood Award Winner
    • AZ Business Magazines Most Admired Company
    • 20th Anniversary


  • Introduced:
    • Wildflower Brand Essence – Unexpected, Elevated, Ardor, Thoughtful
    • Mac & Cheese
  • Celebrated over 3,000 Positive Guest Comments


  • Celebrated National Restaurant Neighbor Award Winner
  • Celebrated 700 Breadheads


  • Introduced:
    • Toasts
    • Delivery
    • Online Ordering
    • Loyalty
  • Awarded AZ Business Magazine’s Industry Leader in AZ


  • Introduced:
    • Mix and Match Sides
    • All natural steak and plant based chicken
    • Curbside Pickup
  • Celebrated:
    • Fast Casual Magazine’s Top 100 Movers and Shakers award
    • 40/40 list of America’s hottest startups
    • Ranking Arizona Ranked us top 10 for catering


  • Celebrated 25th Anniversary
  • Donated 25% of all proceeds to St. Vincent De Paul ($12,578.67)
  • Our founder, Louis Basile featured in Phoenix Business Journals Executive Inc.


  • Introduced:
    • Brown Sugar Oatmeal Pancakes
    • Millionaires’ Bacon
  • Celebrated Arizona Top Workplace
  • Renovated North Scottsdale


  • Celebrated being voted Best in the Desert in 21 categories
  • Renovated Seville, Goodyear & Tempe

Good food, good mood

We love tasting it, then talking about how great it tasted. We love making it, then sharing it with other people. When it comes to cuisine, it’s about making sure the food we serve is fresh, the ingredients are real and the taste is memorable.

Our Menu

Warm, comfortable, fresh & contemporary

The overall atmosphere in each Wildflower restaurant is warm, comfortable, fresh and contemporary. We build each Wildflower location knowing it is a reflection of our new neighborhood. Custom color schemes and original artwork differentiate each location, making them special for our communities.


Food you knead

When it comes to bread-making, our commitment is not simply to excellence, but to the preservation of a true art form. Our award-winning recipes attest to the fact that we take pride in every loaf of bread we produce. It is a time-honored process we not only enjoy, but one we hope our customers think is well worth it.

Our Menu

Fast & friendly service in five steps

1. Place your order at the counter.
2. Grab a drink and take your sign to a table.
3. We’ll bring your napkins, silverware and food.
4. No need to clean up, we’ll do that for you.
5. For to-go orders, please listen for your name.



Awards and accolades
earned over 25 years


Years serving great
eats to local fans

Top 100

Movers & shakers
- Fast Casual magazine

Our Breadheads

With locations all around Arizona, you can earn some serious dough by joining our team of Breadheads. Flexibility, no late nights, and fun!


Our Guests

Our guests’ needs come before anything else. Our goal is an outstanding experience for every customer, every time.


Our Purpose

We change lives, create traditions, build community and feed the soul with passion. Every time, every day.


Our Mission

We pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding experience for our guests, employees and investors through mutual respect and teamwork.


We take pride in making great food, which is largely made possible by working with our outstanding local partners.